This is our first child. What sort of questions should we ask?

Please feel free to contact Salisha with any questions that you may have. She is willing to help as much as possible and do her best to put your mind at ease.

What are the duties of a Baby Nurse?

The baby nurse is there to take care of the baby and all the needs related to the baby.

Is Salisha certified?

Yes, Salisha is a certified Baby Nurse. She is also Pediatric First Aid, CPR and BLS certified and provides her own Liability Insurance.

We live in an apartment. Where can Salisha stay?

She will work with you to come to a reasonable solution. However, where she stays must be where the baby/babies will be staying. She will need to have access at all times as it is important that she be with the baby/babies.

How soon can Salisha start?

She can be booked ahead of time of close to the delivery date. She will work with you be be as flexible as possible. She will keep in touch with you by email or phone just to reassure you they will be there when baby arrives.

Does Salisha have experience with multiple babies?

Yes, she has extensive knowledge and experience with twins.

Can we meet Salisha in person?

Yes, this can be done as long as her schedule permits. She can meet you a location that is convenient for you.

Can Salisha provide references?

Absolutely, Salisha has excellent references and can provide names and phone numbers for these references.You are very welcome to check references if you feel the need.