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Salisha Shah has been a baby nurse for over 20 years, specializing in twins and their development. She is Pediatric First Aid ,CPR and BLS (Basic Life Support) certified and carries her own Liability Insurance. Salisha provides in-home, 24-hour care and education or 12-hour night feedings and sleep training. She believes that every child is special and deserves the best care possible. A passionate and caring coach, Salisha teaches new parents about developing a sleeping and feeding schedule; bottle preparation and feeding; bathing of newborns; and developmentally appropriate activities like tummy time. Being the mother of 4 children adds to her immeasurable knowledge and experience.

What is a Baby Nurse

Baby nurses are newborn specialists who are experienced in all aspects of newborn care. They are sometimes known as a post-partum doula or newborn specialist. Baby nurses are not registered nurses but have extensive hands-on experience and knowledge in infant care. They help nurture and care for your baby while providing guidance and education to the parents. The primary roles of baby nurses include feeding, bathing and diaper changing; cleaning infant laundry; sterilizing feeding bottles; stimulating the baby through activities; and ensuring that the baby’s environment is clean at all times. Baby nurses provide parental education and support for new parents; they also place the newborn on a sleeping and feeding schedule. Baby nurses are available either to live in 24 hours with the family or to live out and work on an hourly basis.

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